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We build high-quality backlink profiles that target your businesses’ needs

4 Years of Experience in Corporate Outreach

High-Quality Backlink Profile Built for Over 80 Websites

Professional & Results-Driven Link-Building in All Niches

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90% of Outreach lives in the wiggle room between high-quality and terrible PBN links. We’re here to help you get those unequivocal high-quality backlinks.

Starting as a writer and SEO assistant, I got the feel for link building from a different perspective. As an all-around SEO expert, I’m able to separate the wheat from the chaff and get you only the backlinks that will bring your site closer to your goals.

Darko Jaćimović, owner of Ad Akta

Our Services

Personal Outreach

Nurture specific audience members and build deeper relationships with your clients, customers, and webmasters.

Broken Link Building

Connect the beauty of fixing SEO issues with building relationships with webmasters and building your backlink profile.

PR Outreach

introduce your business, build relationships, and increase brand awareness by ameliorating your media coverage.

SM Outreach

4.41 billion people are projected to use social media in 2025. Connect with them!

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